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July 12, 2016

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Delta Haze Corporation is engaged in the preservation and promotion
of traditional American blues, jazz and superior popular song by licensing
its copyrights and masters for use in recordings, commercials, television
programs, and films.

Primary among Delta Haze's holdings are the works of renowned
blues singers, Lucille Bogan and Walter Roland, gospel guitarist & singer,
Blind Willie Johnson, and popular songwriters, Bonnie Lake and
Charles LaVere. In addition to blues, gospel and popular music, several
other types of music are also available, such as Rockabilly, Jazz & Swing.

Delta Haze also maintains a vast photographic archive related to these
types of music, including the famous photographs of Robert Johnson,
as well as a formidable inventory of vintage recordings. Collectible
phonography (old records, to the uninitiated!) are also occasionally put up
for auction (or sale) on the record auction page.

Delta Haze Corporation is a Nevada corporation that was founded in 1995
as an outgrowth of Mimosa Records Productions, which was established in
Memphis, Tennessee in 1973. Like its predecessor, Delta Haze's roots are
deeply set in the music and music history of yesteryear (with a decided
emphasis on blues and jazz) and it focuses on the people who were, or in
its estimation, should have been, acknowledged as greats in their
respective fields of endeavour.

Delta Haze is captained by Stephen C. LaVere, who formerly served as
the authorized agent for the Estate of Robert Johnson, one of the most
celebrated figures in blues history. LaVere has a long history in the
record business beginning with his recognition as one of the world's
foremost collectors of vintage recordings through years of music
production for records, radio, stage shows and film.

Along the way, he also collected and preserved on film some of the
greatest images in music history. He was nominated for a Grammy in
1974 for his production of Bukka White's last album, Big Daddy and he
won a Grammy in 1990 for his production of
Robert Johnson - The Complete Recordings,the biggest selling pre-war
blues reissue of all time.

A substantial amount of Delta Haze's success has come from promoting
its recordings, publishing catalogues and photographic materials for use
in motion pictures, radio & television programs and commercials.

Tens of thousands of vintage recordings are available from Delta Haze
Corporation's massive files. Many of these recordings are being made
available for the first time, others have not been re-issued to the public.

Publishing companies under the Delta Haze umbrella include Munka Music,
Sweet Roll Songs, Bonnie Lake Productions, Vere's Tunes and
Home Of The Blues, a number of the compositions of each of which made
their own distinctive mark during their time. With the efforts of the
Delta Haze staff, these great songs are being brought to the forefront
once again - for some to remember, for others to enjoy for the first time.

Consequently, for productions in need of such material, Delta Haze is a
one-stop shop.

Through Mimosa Records Productions, recordings of all Delta Haze
compositions, as well as hundreds of other recordings, are similarly
available. Another component of Delta Haze Corporation's holdings is its
great photographic archive. Combining its acquired collection of
Memphis' 100-year old Black American Hooks Bros. firm and the music and
entertainment work of photographers Gerrie Blake and Mike Gould, with
its world-famous collection of historical images, including those acquired
from the collections of numerous musicians and entertainers such as
Hoyt Bohannon, Clark Dennis, Jack Echols, Harry Geller, Woody Herman,
Charles LaVere, E. Lyle Sharpe, Jack & Norma Teagarden, and
Joe Willie Wilkins and others, it is rich in blues, jazz and Southern history
dating back to the late 1880's, as well as folk music and sixties
rock 'n' roll images. In addition to publications that have been devoted
entirely to these works, Delta Haze's photographs are also being used to
accent larger works in both print and audio-visual media.

Delta Haze Corporation's holdings are available for lease and license and
the various forms are provided herein. The names and the faces in the
music world may be changing as the years roll on, but at Delta Haze, its
pioneers will live forever through their words, music, photographs and the
efforts of the people who cherish them.
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King of the Delta Blues Singers
Robert Johnson