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December 20, 2012

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Vere’s Tunes
All Too Well
(earlier version)
(recorded by Charles LaVere & His Chicagoans) listen

All Too Well
(later version)
(recorded by Charles LaVere) listen

(recorded by John Scott Trotter & His Orchestra) listen

Blue for My Brown County Home
aka, "Bound for My Brown County Home"
(co-written with Steve Shoemaker)

Blue Boogie
(recorded by Charles LaVere) listen

Blue Toluca Moonlight
(recorded by Charles LaVere) listen

The Blues Have Got Me
(recorded by Charles LaVere, Wingy Manone as "Harlem Hot Shots" listen, and Jack Teagarden & His Orchestra;
performed by Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra)

Blues In E Flat
(transcription by Frank Paparelli of performance by Charles LaVere printed in May 1937 issue of Down Beat)

Blues On The "88"
(recorded by Charles LaVere) listen

Boogaboo Blues
(recorded by Charles LaVere & His Chicagoans) listen

(co-written with Steve Shoemaker)


The Cocktail Party Upstairs
(co-written with Paul Mason Howard)

Cottage On A Hill Top
(co-written with Steve Shoemaker)

Cuban Boogie Woogie
(co-written with Bonnie Lake)
(recorded by the orchestras of Charlie Barnet, Bob Chester, Jack Jenney, Ken Killian, Andy Kirk, John Scott Trotter,
and Bob Zurke) [controlled by Bonnie Lake Productions, ASCAP]

Don't The Moon Look Lonesome
(Recorded by Charles LaVere) listen

(co-written with Tom Adair)

Ever the Rain Shall Fall
(recorded by Clyde Rogers)

First You've Got To Fall In Love
(co-written with Steve Shoemaker)

For The Love Of Jo(e)

Futuristic Melody

Happiness Is Only A State of Mind

Hello Everybody
(co-written with Tom Adair)
(recorded by Chris Calabrese, Betty Taylor & Donald Novis)
[presently controlled by Walt Disney Music]

I Don't Want to Be President
(co-written with Steve Shoemaker)
(recorded by Charles LaVere) listen

If I Had The Chance
(co-written with Sammy Gallop)
(recorded by Charles LaVere)

In Later Years
(recorded by Charles LaVere) listen

It's All In Your Mind
(recorded by Ian Date, Bobby Gordon & Bob Wilber, Bobby Hackett, Scott Hamilton and Rossano Sportiello Teddi King,
Charles LaVere, Connie & Walter Lindley, Jack Teagarden with LaVere's Chicago Loopers listen,
Dick Sudhalter (Barbara Lea, vocal), Jay Unger & Molly Mason, Jack Teagarden & His Sextet and Sarah Vaughan;
performed by Jack Teagarden & His Orchestra, Don Ingle & The Michigan Nighthawks and Joe Sardaro)

Jealous Lies
(recorded by Jim & Linda Wheeler)

Lacey Waltz

A Lady Has to Mind Her P's and Q's
(co-written with Tom Adair)
(recorded by Betty Taylor)
[presently controlled by Walt Disney Music]

Love Lies
(composed by W. Dean Rogers, arranged by Charles LaVere)
(recorded by Jack Teagarden with LaVere's Chicago Loopers listen, and Ralph Sutton)

Love of My Life

Manakoora Moonlight

(co-written with Tom Adair)

(recorded by Charles LaVere) listen

Mis'ry and The Blues
(recorded by Jack Teagarden & His Sextet listen, Victoria McGee & Pat Henry, Johnson "Fat Cat" McRee,
Maria Muldaur and Del Rey & The Blues Gators, Dan Levinson & His Swing Wing, Peoria Jazzband of Sweden,
Daddy’s Authentic Style, Donald Fagen)

Moon Over Muncie
(co-composed with Andy Secrest)
(recorded by the Sextette From Hunger listen;
performed by John Scott Trotter & His Orchestra)

Nothing Can Ruin A Nice Rainy Day Like The Sunshine
(co-written with Steve Shoemaker)
(recorded by Martha Tilton)

Noumea Muu Muu

Please Don't Go Away

Riverboat Blues
(co-written with Tom Adair)
(recorded by Jack Teagarden & His Sextet,
performed by Judy Marsh, and Betty Taylor)

Soothing Syrup
(recorded by Charles LaVere) listen

Subdivided in F
(co-composed with Glenn "Gotch" Hughes)
(recorded by LaVere's Chicago Loopers) listen

Sunday Jones
(co-written with Bonnie Lake)

[recorded by (Skitch) Henderson & (Charles) LaVere] listen

Two Martinis

Ubangi Man
(recorded by Charles LaVere & His Chicagoans listen, Hot Four Creole Jazzband)

Very 8'n Boogie
(recorded by LaVere's Chicago Loopers listen;
performed by Deacon Jones Quartet and John Scott Trotter & His Orchestra)

Way Down In Old New Orleans
(recorded by Charles LaVere) listen

What Have We Here (Wally Boag's Fun and Hi Jinks)
(co-written with Tom Adair)
(recorded by Wally Boag)
[presently controlled by Walt Disney Music]

Whatcha Doin' Babe
(recorded by Charles LaVere) listen

When There's Nothing Left But Goodbye
(co-written with Tom Adair)

White Wine and Velvet

A Yokel From Yonkers
(recorded by the Sextet From Hunger listen; performed by LaVere's Chicago Loopers)
- Catalogue of titles, collaborators, performing artists & major recordings
Charles LaVere

Piano, leader, vocals

b. Salinas, Kansas - 18 July, 1910; d. 28 April 1983

Charles LaVere (Charles LaVere Johnson) is principally remembered for a set of irresistible
recordings made with his Chicago Loopers, a studio group featuring Jack Teagarden, Billy May,
Matty Matlock, George Van Eps, Floyd O’Brien and little-known cornetist Rico Vallese. The man
behind these sessions was at the time one of Hollywood’s busiest musicians, a studio regular
who accompanied Bing Crosby (1939-47) and played on sessions for a multitude of stars,
having already worked with Teagarden, Wingy Manone and Paul Whiteman. A capable singer and fine composer,
LaVere later played at Disneyland (1955-9) and with Bob Crosby, but his Chicago Loopers remain his seminal
contribution to jazz history. [DF]

LaVere’s Chicago Loopers (1944-50; Jump). Recorded in four sessions, these titles have become the definition of Dixieland
perfection; the superbly arranged “ Carolina In The Morning” and LaVere’s own lovely “It’s All In Your Mind” are highlights,
but all sixteen tracks are essential listening.

                             - Quoted and amended from: Jazz - The Rough Guide (Penguin, 1955).