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February 1, 2018
Mimosa Records Productions
Mimosa Records Production, the music production division of Delta Haze Corporation, offers pre-packed music of the
highest artistic and historic value, produced from a variety of original sources by renowned authorities in their
respective fields and made available for lease and download at competitive prices. Where supplementary materials such
as liner notes, recording data, and photographs - accompany a set, they, too are downloadable. In the case of a lease,
publishing, for the most part, is handled by one of our in-house companies, Vere's Tunes, Bonnie Lake Productions,
Sweet Roll Songs, Munka Music or Home of the Blues, but, in any event, we will be glad to assist the lessee in securing
the appropriate mechanical licenses for their respective territory.
Mimosa Records Productions Lease Parameters
Before long, we will be making all our music downloadable. It is our goal to make each individual track on any of our
albums available to you via mp3 download. Also, if you choose to download the entire album, you will also be provided
with a code by which you can download all of that album's artwork.

At the same time, we are also interested in contracting with firms in various territories around the world that would
want to download our material in wave format for manufacture and commercial sale in their territory or country.
Those companies would have the option of creating their own albums from our material or simply choosing any of our
existing album compilations, in which case, they would also receive all of that album's artwork.


We have produced a number of albums which are available for such downloads, however, at the moment, we are able to
supply these compilations on CD and through the mail only.

Any company who might care to take advantage of this opportunity may apply to us by way of our License Request.
A reasonable advance payment per package will be required, as well as a reasonable royalty rate that would be based on
your suggested or advertised retail sales price.

We prefer doing business with firms that, above all else, value the material. If you like this material as much as we do,
we would like to strike a deal with your company. If the MIMOSA RECORDS PRODUCTIONS CATALOGUE (82.5K) appeals to
you, perhaps we can work something out along these lines. However, we are also interested in hearing any alternative
offers you might care to make.
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Mimosa Records masters and recordings - formed in Memphis in 1973 to highlight the blues vocals and guitar
work of Joe Willie Wilkins, the label existed for only a short time and produced a total of three 45 rpm records! Since
that time, it has grown to collect and record a great variety of music and produce unusual sets of blues and jazz for other
labels, all of it containing a high degree of integrity and historical importance, which is one of the primary criteria for
producer Steve LaVere.

Home of the Blues Records masters and recordings - an outgrowth of Memphis' Home Of The Blues record shop,
the label began in 1960. During its short existence, and with the able assistance and musical guidance of trumpeter and
bandleader Willie Mitchell, the label recorded a wide variety of local Memphis and established New Orleans talent. It filled
the void left by Sun Records' concentration on rockin' country music prior to Stax' arrival on the scene and the subsequent
world-wide popularity of "soul" music. Produced into cohesive sets by Marc Ryan, the recordings are also available in a
history-laden four CD boxed set.

David Evans field recordings - while his peers were discovering the joys of simply listening to obscure blues
recordings, David Evans was making annual pilgrimages to the South to record rural blues musicians and singers. Now a
tenured professor in the music department at University of Memphis, Evans' early field recordings are notable not only
for the wealth of talent that he discovered and recorded, but for the variety of material and the great sound quality he
was able to achieve under far from ideal conditions. He was a busy boy with a purpose. These sets leave no doubt.

Trumpet Records masters and recordings  - well-known as the first label to record Sonny Boy Williamson II and
Elmore James, Trumpet Records holds a place of honor among blues fans the world over. The Jackson, Mississippi based
firm recorded a variety of great talent during its heyday of the early 1950's - blues, gospel, rockabilly, country, and pop.
Presently unreleased from this great label are two fine sets of country music and rockabilly produced by Marc Ryan.
The blues and gospel masters are currently available for reissue, except in the territories noted.

Miscellaneous existing masters / recordings & Contemporary recordings - whatever we feel is of historic
and artistic value that we can record or acquire for lease, regardless of its age or its source, winds up here. There are
great blues and gospel records - both issued and previously unissued - recorded professionally or privately - from the
forties to the nineties, as well as some rhythm 'n' blues by fledgling jazz musicians and some unusual contemporary jazz.