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Historic Photographs
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13 February 2018
Delta Haze Corporation maintains a vast collection of classic photographs of blues and jazz
artists, primarily from the era between the wars.

Combining its recently acquired collection of Memphis' 100-year old African-American Hooks Bros.
firm and the music and entertainment work of Mike Gould and Gerrie Blake, with its world-famous
collection of historical images, including those acquired from the collections of numerous musicians
and entertainers such as Hoyt Bohannon, Clark Dennis, Jack Echols, Harry Geller, Harmonica Frank,
Woody Herman, Charles LaVere, E. Lyle Sharpe, Jack & Norma Teagarden, Joe Willie Wilkins, it is
rich in blues, jazz and Southern history dating back into the late 1880's, as well as folk music and
sixties rock'n'roll images. Reproductions of some of these photographs may be found in postcard
books and on calendars, posters, postcards and bookmarks, designed, created and distributed by
Pomegranate Publications. In addition, these photographs are also being used to accent larger
works in both print, audio-visual and broadcast media.

Below is a list of the various collections. The links will take you to a description of each individual
collections and sample images.
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